Scottish Kennel Club Champion Show – May 21st 2011

What a day. Everything just felt right. It was time to take the plunge and take Sassy into the ring myself. I had zero expectations. So nothing to loose if I did it myself? Wow, before I had time to think Sassy was behaving very well. For the first time I felt quite relaxed and I guess Sassy was picking up on that. I was last in the lineup and my whole world was Sassy. The crowd, the steward, the judge, all faded into the background. It was just me and Sassy. I guess that was the breakthrough.

Sassy was great (for Sassy) and we did fine on the table. Movement is still something we need to work on but Sassy stood and showed herself as good as anyone else! So proud of my girl. I couldn’t believe it when we got 2nd place. Now I was in unknown territory and I believe I went bright red! I was beaming with pride, happiness and joy. It felt good.

The judge gave me some great advice and words of encouragement. I will never forget him for that. He will have no idea what an impression he left with me and how important his words of encouragement are. I hope I meet him again at some point under some less formal circumstances.

When I came out the ring everyone was there to congratulate me, it was lovely.

Blaze, Degallo the Likely Lad (Sassy’s Dad), got the RCC and all my friends were placed. What a fantastic day! and as Sassy got 2nd in YB, to top it all, she has qualified for Crufts 2012.

Red Letter Day