Catrine Nov 2011

Had a great day out at Catrine on Sunday 19th Nov despite a really dodgy start. Sassy was poorly in the car and was sick all down her chest and paws. Now Sassy does not exactly ‘like’ the car but she has not been sick since she was a puppy. Horrible stink and mess. I can only put it down to the bendy roads down to Lanark and I had a blanket partially covering her crate, which I don’t normally have.

Managed to get her cleaned up and settled in time for her class. She stood well and showed her socks off but would not move well, too interested in all the bait that had been left on the matts from previous classes. I really hate it when people chuck bait all over the ring. Makes my job a hundred times harder.

We still managed to get placed 2nd in Limit so was really pleased with that given the horrid start to the day. Oliver, Degallo The Ultimate got first so fair doos, he is a fantastic dog.

Fergus, CH Degallo The Real Deal, took first in Open, BOB and Group One. Well done Fergus.

So it was a good day for Degallo.

Sassy was fine on the way home.