The first Rengala litter

Top Thug, Middle Beenz, Bottom Bruiser
Delighted to announce that Sassy had her puppies Tuesday 17th July 2012. First born was the little girl, tiny Beenz. Beenz came out kicking and screaming, very lively, full of beans! Second born was Bruiser, the first of the boys. Bruiser was the largest puppy in the litter. Third was Thug, just marginally smaller than Bruiser but earned his name within a day by trying to push the other two off the nipples! Luckily there is plenty milk for all three and the other two are no longer putting up with his behaviour. These names are simply to identify each puppy while we think up some proper names. Sassy is doing well and being a very attentive mother.

I can honestly say that the birth of these puppies (my first whelping) was the most amazing event of my life and I am so proud of my girl who instinctively knew exactly what to do. I am glad we got through it with no complications and all puppies have made it to their first birthday, 1 week old today.