Chester in BedChester, Rengala Perfect Storm, went to his forever home with the Clarks’ on Thursday 27th September. Chester is settling in very well and having so much fun! I am so impressed how quickly and well Chester has taken to his new home. It is a hard life being the centre of attention!

Chester has been a very good puppy and loves to explore the house and garden. The resident Guinea Pigs are in no way impressed but I am sure they will grow to love him in time. Chester was at his first professional photo shoot and stole the show. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

Nicola has been fantastic sending me lots of pictures of Chester throughout his first couple of weeks at home. Here are just a few:

He has gone to a really super home where he will want for nothing. Can’t wait to see him again for cuddles. We will all be visiting him this Saturday for a family reunion. I will post some photos.