Happy Birthday Sassy

Sassy as a puppyThree years ago today on the 15th November 2009, my Sassy was born. On this day I had no idea she had arrived in the world and would soon turn my life upside down. I had no idea such a special event in my life was happening. I had no idea of the joy that was soon to enter my heart.

On this day (a Sunday) I was stressed out. Proper stressed out! I had sold my flat and had an offer accepted on a new house but there were lots of complications with the purchase of the house and we were starting to wonder if we would end up homeless. The clock was ticking. Joyce had moved in and the packing had already started.

We had no idea Sassy was already here.

Sassy as a puppyThe plan was to buy a house closer to work, with Joyce being retired we could now finally have Shelties again. We planned on settling in for a few months then starting the search for a wee sable girl.

If only we knew that by the end of January, we would be settled in the new house in Larky, with Sassy curled up on my feet, blissfully happy and relaxed having enjoyed a lovely first Christmas and new year hanging pictures and building furniture.

So happy third birthday our darling Sassy. A lot has changed in the last three years and it is all down to you my girl. You are all grown up now.