How time flies

Storm&Sookie2013-01-09 09.36.19Storm turned 6 months old yesterday. It feels like only a couple of months ago he was born. He still looks very much a puppy and behaves like a puppy. He lost his last baby tooth on my birthday (9th January 2013) and his adult coat is starting to come through.

Six months is a milestone in a potential showdog’s career. From the age of six months old a dog can be entered for shows. Storms first show will be at Lanark on 26th January. I can’t wait and I really hope he enjoys it. He certainly seems to love ring craft.

Sassy has just finished her first season since giving birth. Her coat has started to come back in and she is carrying a wee bit of extra weight. She is starting to look like my old Sassy again but has really not been herself since giving birth. She always seems a little bit sad. Hopefully she is missing going to shows and will perk up when she is out and about again. Not convinced she will be ready for the SSSC Champ show on 17th February but I have entered her just in case. Funny feeling it will just be Storm and I.