I have had Sassy & Storm DNA tested for Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal Hypoplasia (CEA/CH). This is a hereditary condition found in sheepdogs/collies which can cause blindness in its more severe cases. Our wee Sookie is affected by this condition. Sookie has mild CEA/CH. This means, when she gets older, her sight will deteriorate. It is unlikely Sookie will go blind.

Both Sassy & Storm were diagnosed clear by a Opthalmic Vet when puppies. This condition is much easier to diagnose before the age of 12 weeks old. Although eye clear, both dogs could still have been carrying a copy of the gene.

opt11_logocropBlood samples are taken from the dog and the paperwork countersigned by the vet. The samples are shipped to Optigen in New York State who carry out the test.

I am delighted to announce that both Sassy & Storm are genetically eye clear of CEA/CH.

More information on CEA can be found at which includes a brilliant page on the genetic inheritance of this condition.