Junior Warrant

Well Done Storm, you did it!

2013-12-15 16.41.12croppedYesterday, at Cambuslang Canine Club open show, Storm was awarded Best of Breed by judge Josh Blackburn. Storm gained the final points he needed towards his Junior Warrant. A Junior Warrant is a title awarded to dogs and must be achieved before the dog reaches eighteen months old. It is considered in the Dog World as a junior champion and quite an accolade. To achieve a Junior Warrant, you must do a fair bit of class winning at shows.

This gives Storm his stud book number and qualifies him for Crufts for life. We cannot use the title yet as we need to wait for it to be officially awarded it by The Kennel Club.

If you intend to campaign your dog for a Junior Warrant then my advice would be to enter every eligible class at Open Shows and 2 classes at Champ Shows. It is heartbreaking when you get Best of Breed and only had your dog entered in one class when there were 3 eligible classes scheduled. Equally, if it is not your day and you are beaten in your first class, it is bad sportsmanship to withdraw from subsequent classes. You entered your dog in all three classes after all, so take it on the chin. Indeed, for every show this has paid off for us, there have been shows where I wished the ground would swallow Storm & myself. It is also possible to lose your first class but still win the next class. Stay focused and remember your objective is to gain points, not necessarily challenge for Best of Breed/Best of Sex. This happened to us a couple of times.

So Here’s HOW We Did It

Between 17th January 2013 and 15th December 2013 Storm attended and competed in 38 shows. This makes a total of 76 classes in all.

Storm was placed at every show he attended this year. He was unplaced in only 4 classes out of 76.

Breed Classes: 69

Special Puppy/Minor Puppy: 7

Giving a total of 37 first places over 38 shows.

Here is the Breakdown:

1st Place = 37 (34 of which were breed classes).

2nd Place = 21

3rd Place = 8

Reserve = 4

VHC = 1

Best of Breed = 5

Best Puppy in Breed = 2

Best Puppy in Show = 1

Puppy Group 1st, Pastoral Group 1st, 3rd & two Reserves.