Crufts 2014

1912457_459313424196592_452663076_oWell where to start? We set off for Birmingham mid morning. Jess Simpson and her Aussie Morgen were traveling down with Storm & I. We loaded the car with all our stuff and set off for a leisurely journey down. We hoped to reach Birmingham about 4pm. Disaster, about three miles into the journey, my normally reliable Honda CRV started shuddering and spluttering. All was not well with the Sheltie Shuttle. Back to the house and dropped off Jess, Morgan & Storm. I had to get the Honda to the dealership in Hamilton. 5 miles per hour on the hard shoulder of the M74. How I made it to Honda I will never know. Hours later, the car was clearly not going to be fixed, so I had to hire a car. Mercedes C200 automatic and I absolutely loved it. Not as much space as the CRV but we managed to get all our stuff packed in. We made it to Birmingham about 10:30pm. I was totally exhausted.

1157577_820772331271611_2001658275_nGlad I was staying at the (overpriced) Ramada Encore which is situated within the NEC complex and a two minute walk from our Hall. Got to the show early and set up. Storm won his class, Yearling Dog. Thanks to judge Michael Ewing (Sommerville) for thinking so highly of my boy. Had a lovely day meeting up with everyone. Derena & Mischa became famous, appearing on the telly with Liza Tarbuck and Frank Kane. Loads of people took some fantastic pictures of Storm pictured here. It was a long and exhausting day and Fiona and I had an attempt at shopping but our hearts weren’t in it and our feet just said no way. We get to do it all again next year. Glad it is only once a year.

1969273_820773727938138_247199073_nStorm winning his class at Crufts is an incredible achievement for us.