Catch up

It has been a while since I posted any news here, almost a year, where does the time go? Life continues to be busy at Rengala. Pixie celebrated her 1st Birthday in April and Storm is about to turn 4 this month. Both Storm and Pixie are still enjoying their days out at Dog Shows but we are having to be more selective this year mainly due to my lack of remaining holiday days at work. Storm continues with solid results in limit dog and Pixie is also continually placed in junior bitch, which always seems to be a massive class. Pixie has improved on the table but is still very much a work in progress. We haven’t made it to many open shows this year, but hope to attend again when the summer flurry of Champ Shows is over.

Sassy and Sookie were both speyed last week. It was a difficult decision for Joyce and I to make. Seasons were getting to be more and more of an ordeal for Storm as one girl came in after the other. Our house is very open plan so separating the dogs inevitably involves musical crates. Storm is miserable throughout. Both girls were over six and Sassy has had 2 litters and Sookie’s seasons were so erratic. The worry of pyometra is always there too. So both girls had their operations last Wednesday and both are making a full recovery.

IMG_20160701_191158366Here is a photo of the girls in their medical vests. They are not very happy having to wear them but it stops them licking their wounds. Needless to say the lampshades of shame lasted about 3 seconds until the girls figured out how to get them off. These suits are fantastic and we have an improvised change while these are in the wash, baby vests! The girls look like they are going to a dance studio in their leotards.