Rengala Taken By Storm JW –  A selection of Critiques

Show Judge Critique
W&PBAS 2015 David Weller, Evad Another new lad to me, just loved this 3 year old s/w head & expression, he has a lovely dark almond eye set correctly, good stop, moulded foreface, nice strength to underjaw, nice length of neck, good front, nice firm topline, good rear angles, let down hocks, in good bloom, well presented, moved well;
SKC 2015 Norman McDade, Ardlyn Golden sable with super head and expression, lovely shape and size, carried a huge coat, perhaps too much for some, but I could not overlook him in this class, sound mover and Reserve CC
Crufts 2015 Denise Rowan, Rowancrest I really like this dog but he had a profuse coat & he didn’t like the surroundings & it just spoilt his outline on the day. On handling he has a beautiful head & a super expression, lovely eye shape & placement, good ear set but didn’t want to use them. Good reach of neck & his angulation for me was sufficient with good depth of chest & he moved well. Just wish he had showed himself off a bit more. Could change places on another day.
SSSC 2015 Isobel Elder, Ellenyorn g/s, nice head, well placed almond shaped eye, shoulder angulation & good reach of neck & topline, lovely bone, in super coat, well presented
W&PBAS 2014 Keith Goodwin, Highbrook Well coated youngster. Lovely head but didn’t show his neck to best advantage. Good angulation, kept his level back on the move
Border Union 2014 Ellen Wilkie, Avonbank Good head proportions, almond shaped eye, good earset, nice bone & substance, well presented, unsettled on the move;
Crufts 2014 Michael Ewing, Sommerville Nicely presented sable, good head planes with a lovely eye placement & shape, nice arched neck, super shape, good angulations front & rear, ample bone, nice short hock, moved OK
Cambuslang 2013 Josh Blackburn, Erjon 17 mth old s/w dog, lovely clean head with correct amount of stop, lovely dark eye, lovely neat ears of which he used non stop combined together gave a lovely expression, good reach of neck, lovely length of body, nice shape, moved superbly around the ring, showed well and presented to perfection. BOB. I understand today’s wins have gained this dog his JW, congratulations to you both.
Drongan 2013 Delores Montgomery Really liked this one, a very nice dog with a well shaped skull and pleasing masculine expression; good front with good reach on the move; super strong topline which did not weaken on the move. BOB (G1)
SKC 2013 Jenny Martin, Ramtin 13 months g/s with heavy coat, well constructed with good bone, masculine head with dark well placed eye & neat well tipped ears, moved well
Fife 2013 Iain Forbes, Wellneuk s/w dog of almost 12 months, in excellent coat & condition, appealed for his type & outline, excellent bone, used his ears well to enhance a lovely expression. BOB
SSSC 2013 Terri Brand, Ronanspray Lovely golden sable of 11mth. Really dark almond shaped eye. Head handled well and topped by neat well set ears. Would prefer a slightly longer neck but in the later class he (and his handler) relaxed thus showing his balanced outline. Wouldn’t want him to grow on. Moved well. BPIS
SKC 2013 Frank Kane, Hirontower 10 months, in excellent coat, flowing smooth outline, sturdy bone & good movement. Stop a little too marked but excellent foreface, good eye & ears. Won on bone & movement. Went well through the day. BP
W&PBAS 2013 Sharon Main, Shenachie 9 months, heavily coated s/w dog who is presented to perfection, very good rounded bone, nice substance but up to size. Beautiful head & expression with a long blunt refined wedge shaped head, flat skull, level head planes, good stop, correct underjaw with very good fill of foreface for age. Correctly placed, almond shaped eye of good size & colour giving a very appealing expression, nice pigmentation, correct earset, well used. Nice length of neck. Layback of shoulder a little steep but good length of upper arm. Needs to develop in chest but this should come with time. Level topline, tail could be longer. Hind angulation OK, moved nicely with decent forward reach but needs more drive behind. BP
Scottish Breeds 2013 Joan Chater, Tronda 8 months s/w, another of excellent type, not quite the finish of 1. Well angulated & has a harsh textured coat which was well presented, head was well balanced, eye & ear placement made for a very sweet expression. Excellent body proportions & bone, good tail length, moved with drive
Clydebank 2013 Bridgette Bodle, Kitarn 1, BP, PG1, Eyecatching 8 months sable who carries a wonderful coat for his age, so full of confidence & beautifully handled to get the best from him, good head shape, neat well used ears & dark eye giving a pleasing expression, very good front legs & feet, graceful mover covering the ground with minimal effort, sired by my BOB I see, I loved him!
Catrine 2013 Margaret Boulcott, Ingerdorm 7 months pup, lovely temperament, lovely elegant head, long blunt wedge, flat skull, both of equal length, slight stop & parallel lines, almond eye, small tipped ears & good mouth, neck had length & arch, well laid shoulders with spring of rib, good length to upper arm, topline level with gentle slope to croup, good rearquarters & pasterns strong, well presented, moved smoothly with drive